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Gumilev L.N., Searches for an Imaginary Kingdom: The Legend of the Kingdom of Prester John (Cambridge University Press. 1988)

Map 3. Distribution of Religions in the Mid-Twelfth Century (Russian versian)

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General note. Alongside political fragmentation, ethnic and cultural blocks defined by their confessional nature stand out clearly: the Roman Catholic world, the Orthodox countries and the Nestorian church united with the Jacobite (monophysites) in 1142 divide Christianity into three mutually hostile camps. Similarly, in the Muslim lands there are two centres: the Sunni caliphate of the "Abbasids in Baghdad and the Ismaili caliphate of the Fatimids in Cairo. Northern China is taken over by Buddhism, Southern, the Song Empire, by Confucianism. Tibetan Bon successfully competes with Buddhism and Nestorianism. In Siberia there are two different religious systems: the Evenki have Shamanism and the Ugrians have dualism. The former spirit worship rapidly gives way to the world religions.


States and tribal unions:

1. Kingdom of Scotland

2. Kingdom of Norway

3. Kingdom of Sweden

4. Kingdom of England

5. Kingdom of Denmark

6. Baltic peoples: Ests, Livs, Letts, Lithuanians, Prussians

7. Russian grand principality

8. Kingdom of France

9. Holy Roman Empire of German peoples

10. Kingdom of Bohemia

11. Kingdom of Poland

12. Kingdom of Portugal

13. Kingdom of Castille

14. Kingdom of Navarre

15. Kingdom of Aragon

16. Papacy

17. Kingdom of Hungary

18. Kingdom of Sicily

19. Byzantine Empire

20. Kingdom of Georgia

21. Great Bulgar (khanate)

22. Maghrib (till 1147 the Almoravid emirate, later the Almohad caliphate)

23. Kingdom of Armenia Minor

24. Sultanate of the Great Seljuks

25. Khwarizm (shah)

26. Gurid sultanate

27. Kara-Khitan khanate

28. Idykut of Uighuria

29. Tangut kingdom

30. Kin Empire (Jin)

31. Fatimid caliphate

32. Tribal union of Bahrein Beduin

33. Song Empire

34. Korio kingdom

35. "Zubu" tribal union

36. Kerman



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Map was created by A. Rodionov in 2008 with help Global Land One-km Base Elevation (GLOBE) Project, ArcWorld and software from ESRI. by the original procedure (in Russian).

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