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The Maps from Books of Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev

Here is something one really needs to get a better understanding of the materials presented in the works of Lev Gumilev, and namely maps (in Russian).

Source of the maps: Gumilev L.N., Hunnu: Sredinnaya Asia v drevnie vremena (AN SSSR, Institut Vostochnoi Literatury, 1960).

hph01 Distribution tribes of Inner Asia about 700 BC (139 KB)
hph02 Inner Asia about 135 BC (by the Chinese explorer Zhang Qien) (154 KB)
hph03 Disintegration Hsiung-nu (Xiongnu) from 71 till 61 BC (138 KB)
hph04 Inner Asia about 30 BC (155 KB)
hph05 The Routes of Tan Shi Huai's aggressive campaigns in 156-178 AD (156 KB)

Source of the maps: Gumilev L.N., Searches for an Imaginary Kingdom: The Legend of the Kingdom of Prester John (Cambridge University Press. 1988).

sik01 1. Tribes of the Great Steppe from Eighth to Tenth Centuries (176 KB)
sik02 2. Middle Asia in the Twelfth Century (169 KB)
sik03 3. Distribution of Religions in the Mid-Twelfth Century (168 KB)
sik04 4. Disintegration of the Mongol Ulus (1260-1300) (179 KB)

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